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Commercial Landscape & Maintanence

Commercial Landscape & Maintanence

This is a Landscape and Maintenance business that was started in 1980... The company specializes only in commercial business. The core clients are centered around, Homeowner Associations, Apartments, and Industrial Parks. The company also specializes in plant installation, irrigation and repair, tree trimming, and other client needs to maximize beautification for their customers. This company has clients that expect top service and they pay their bills in a timely manner. This has created a situation that allows the company to have no bad debt. The company does a total of $474,756.00 dollars annually. Extra work generates between $5000-$7,000 per month. They anticipate sales for 2021 to be between $500,000 and $550,000. For the potential Buyer the Seller is prepared to show the monthly income from each client. A list of the Company Assets will include 3 Ford F-150 Pickups, 3 Trailers, 6 Mowers, Weed eaters, Blowers and Trimmers. There is also and assorted small equipment to do the necessary work. The Buyer will have to have a location for his storage since the Seller is now using his own personal property.