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High Volume Established drive Thru Fast food in Riverside

High Volume Established drive Thru Fast food in Riverside

Same owner for almost 40 years. Very profitable business. The current sales and net is with ONLY USING THE DRIVE-THRU LAND. No take out, no dine in, just drive-thru. Also no 3rd party delivery services being utilized here (no Doordash, Uber Eats, etc.). This well established business in known though out the local community and has been profitable for decades. Being a small building lends to the profitability of the operation as it takes less employees to run and consumes less utilities. Prior to the close of escrow, the Seller will install a complete new roof with all new equipment on the roof (A/C, Swamp Cooler, refrigeration compressors, exhaust fans, etc. along with all new electrical work. This will lead to further utility savings as the insulation and equipment will be much more effecient than the current older equipment. The Seller will also slurry and strip the parking lot, and has already replaced much of the plumbing. The new owner should have little to no maintenance for years to come. The drive-thru stacking lane is very large and can accommodate over 15 cars. Additionally there is a extra parking lot that can accommodate large trucks.Try 25% down with new SBA loan.

1,300,000- SBA

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