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Manufacturer of Surfing Balance Boards

Manufacturer of Surfing Balance Boards

Manufacturer of the #1 Surfing Balance Board in the US Market. Designed to improve Surfers' balance, board control and style fluidity. This product is used out of the water, at home, the office or anywhere and simulates a real surfing experience. 

Priced at the value of the Assets with approximately and extra $35,000 of inventory thrown in.

2021 sales were just over $603,000 with a net profit of over $100,000. Historically sales have been at this level and higher. 2022 sales were down to $218,000. At this time the owner stopped using Amazon and any other sales outlet. He currently only sales on his own website. The business would greatly benefit with a new enthusiastic owner who would add additional sales channels such as Amazon, Ebay, take on retail distributors and promote on Social Media. 

This business is poised to grow and is in a fun business spac

$150,000 or offer

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